Façade for Cartier in Amsterdam                                                                                                    

Tapestry for Government building

Tapestry of specially designed bricks for a glassed roof arcade of a government building in the city centre of Cuijk, the Netherlands.

The building is made by the architect Dana Ponec.

tapestry of bricks

detail tapestry of bricks

detail bricks with relief

detail bricks with relief

prototypes brick used in relief Cuijk


bricks referring to the pointy roofs of the building of Cuijk 

Canal house, Amsterdamwall of porcelain ‘scale’ tiles

detail ‘scale’ tiles

House s’ Gravelandse Veer, Amsterdam

 ‘mix match’  tiles

detail ‘mix match’ tiles

House Den Texstraat, Amsterdam

in collaboration with Jessica Bouvy

Detail ‘mix match’  with melon

detail ‘mix match’

Tableau in residency, Zandvoort

‘cooking plate’ tiles

detail ‘cooking plate’ tiles